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There are tons of charities out there and every one of them wants your money, but we can’t give to every charity and every charity isn’t worthy of our contributions. Here you’ll find some of the things I give my money to, and things that I want to give to but I’m not able. Don’t just give people money because I say so, but do give to the causes that you believe in and who will handle your money right. If you have a suggestion of a good ministry to give to, let me know and maybe I’ll feature if here!

One Minute Bible 0

One Minute Bible

One of the most important things a Christian can do is read and know the Bible. But it seems like...


Life Is Best

Something cool happened. I copied something my wife wrote about The Pregnancy Center on Facebook and stuck it here on my...

The Pregnancy Center 1

The Pregnancy Center

This is something that my wife posted on Facebook. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about pro choice vs. Pro-life....